New grappling hook mechanic!

Hello gamers, 

A new update brings a grappling hook mechanic in the form of a kunai (rope dart).  After taking in some feedback from people kind enough to test out my alpha builds, I decided the game needed something to make it stand apart from other platform games.  

I wanted to increase the sense that you as a player are a ninja, so I did some research about what types of tools ninjas use and the grappling hook stood out.   The design for the grappling hook is actually more along the lines of a rope dart, also known as a kunai, which is historically used  to gouge holes into walls when infiltrating castles and the like.    I like this design because it makes more sense when shooting it directly into a wall.  The new rope mechanic is toward the end of the demo.

This update also includes a new block which you break by dashing through it, which of course demanded that I add a screen shake to juice up the effect.  As well, I have adjusted some of the player physics, reducing gravity slightly so the player doesn't feel so heavy. 

Please let me know what you think after playing, good or bad.  I know it's easy to forget and move on, but if you have the time your feedback is most valuable to me.

Thanks for playing!!!


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